Tosca Natural Stone
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San Diego, CA 92126       
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How are marble and granite slabs made? Companies will mine and create slabs right out of the mountain. to view what that kind of process is like, click the youtube link above!
A little bit about us

In addition 15 years of residential projects we have done many commercial/retail jobs...
Wang's North Park
Hampton Inn Seaworld
Hampton Inn Airport
Holiday Inn Express Old Town
La Costa Resort
Savannah Grill
Cordiano Winery San Pasqual
Banbu Sushi Bar
Humpreys by the Bay
Holiday Inn Waterfront
The Lodge at Torrey Pines
Cafe Sevilla
Barrollo Bar and Grill
Best Western Suites
and many more....



As you know, we carry the largest assortment of quartzite slabs down Miramar Rd. We keep all the natural stones outside whereas our manmade Quartz remains inside. 

Any of our specialists, inside or out; can guide you and show you where each material of slabs are out in the yard. We generate our prices per slab and are not posted on the slabs themselves. Each slab is a jewel hand picked from mother nature itself, there is always one for everybody and will basically call out to you when you see it.